Get Your Child One Step Ahead With Our Karate Classes

Our Kids Karate classes are suited for students five years old and above. We teach them the heart of martial arts: respect and discipline towards themselves and others. At this age, kids become more exposed to various influences in their environment, so join us as they: 

  • Realise the importance of self-control and compassion 
  • Become creative and discover exciting martial arts techniques 
  • Practice patience, respect, and empathy towards peers and elders
  • Have an adventure of a lifetime with our action-packed workouts! 

Bullyproof Your Kids and Equip Them With Practical Life Skills

At this point in their lives, students start becoming exposed to bullying and other aggressive forms of behaviour. Through Karate classes, we want them prepared to deal with unexpected situations and deal with them non-violently. Our karate classes will help our young students to:

  • Detect bullying and know how to address and prevent this
  • Become confident enough not to be targeted by bullies  
  • Build a physical and mental framework they will carry as they grow 
  • Discover new friendships along the way