Watch Your Little Dragon Soar to Success!

Our Lil Dragons program is perfect for kids 3-4 years old and provides the stepping stone to lifelong learning and development. Every class is engaging, educational, and enjoyable that your little one will never get bored! Let them release pent-up energy and put it into good use as they:

  • Learn the basics of martial arts through simple and fun exercises 
  • Sharpen motor skills, mental focus, and self-discipline 
  • Improve body balance and coordination 
  • Finish tasks one at a time and practice concentration 

Build a Healthy Foundation For Your Child to Grow

We offer a unique and memorable experience for kids to learn important life values such as respect, discipline, and compassion. We help them practice these at an early age while having the time of their lives with our martial arts classes! Join us as we help your child: 

  • Develop self-confidence and good self-esteem 
  • Learn how to be self-sufficient in trust in themselves 
  • Build a routine that they can stick to consistently 
  • Get equipped with the necessary life skills!